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Breaking Free from the Social Media Plateau: A 101 Guide for Business Owners

Recently, I found myself in a conversation with a new client, and her frustration was palpable. She shared her social media journey—how, at the beginning, her account had soared and performed remarkably well. It was like watching a skyrocket.

But then, the inevitable happened.

She hit a Social Media Plateau, and her online presence seemed stuck in quicksand. *can you relate???

This wasn't just an ordinary setback; it was a demoralizing experience for her.

As a business owner, she knew the value of time, and it was a precious

commodity. The hours she had poured into her social media efforts weren't translating into the substantial growth, engagement, or new leads she had hoped for. It was a critical moment, and she faced a choice:

1. Dive deep into analytics and make significant changes, or

2. Give up.

Now, let me be clear, option 2 was never on the table.

In this blog post I will explore a few key areas where you can review your data and break free from the plateaued state. Because as a business owner, giving up is NEVER option we consider!

Are your engagement levels currently snoozing

One of the first things we examined was her engagement levels. When I asked her how much time she committed to inbound and outbound engagement, she looked back at me with confusion.

When we dug deeper, we discovered the root of the problem.

She was only posting.

Rarely did she reply to comments left on her posts, and she NEVER spent time engaging with other accounts to increase ideal client engagement.

This lack of engagement and her robotic approach to posting and ghosting was affecting her account over the long term. Initially, she didn't notice anything amiss, but the longer she was active and the larger her account grew, the less response and engagement her content received. It was like talking to a wall.

The problem?

The algorithm saw her account as being operated by a robot, not a real person having a back-and-forth conversation with her followers and building a community. As a result, it stopped pushing her content.

Is your content met with silence instead of applause

Next we dove into a crucial area: making sure her content was reaching the right audience.

We went through her analytics to see which of her posts were attracting new followers and where those followers were coming from. This was particularly important because her business was local. If your clients are local, it's essential to target the right location.

If your posts are reaching people in countries where you don't do business, it's like trying to sell ice to Eskimos. It's time to adjust your settings and make sure you're tagging your ideal clients and the locations where your business operates.

This way, your content will find its way to the people who are most likely to become your customers.

Does your audience feel a connection with you?

As we dug into her social media approach, we found a significant missing piece ...

HER. A real live human behind the business. That personal touch.

Her posts felt distant, almost like business announcements that focused solely on what she was selling. What was missing was a peek into her life, her story, and her 'why'. Social media isn't just a marketplace; it's a place to connect with real people. By sharing more about herself and her journey, she was able to break the ice and make her online presence more relatable.

So, there you have it : Social Media Plateau

The path to social media success in your own unique style.

A Social Media Manager laughing
Social Media Should Be Fun

We've explored how to boost engagement, expand your reach, and bring your authentic self to the forefront.

But remember, you're not in this journey alone.

Ready to take your social media game to a whole new level?

Connect with me today.

Click the button below to book my services, and let's get started on making your social media truly shine!

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