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Client Testimonials

Every time a client finds their success, I am reminded of WHY I started this business!

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Erin Lodge has changed the trajectory of my future endeavours.  At 64 years of age, I had an idea but I had NO IDEA of how to move forward.

Erin created a webpage for me.  She set everything up after a few conversations with me.  She really listens and picks up on things you did not even know you had mentioned.  Her patience is incredible.  As things developed I changed my mind and took off in a few other directions.  She quietly went back to the drawing board and recreated my vision until it was exactly what I was looking for. 

Erin gently encouraged me every step of the way.  She is a positive, creative, kind & supportive person who will be able to help you bring your dreams to fruition as well! I would highly recommend the VERY TALENTED Erin Lodge!


“I have worked with Erin in various capacities over the past 6 years and have seen firsthand her ability to market and promote an agency in our local community, raising awareness and financial support. Her social media skills are incredible and she has the ability to inspire and engage an entire community! Having her support your new or existing business venture will lead you to success!”


“Erin is wonderful to work with. She has very creative ideas and works hard to make your vision come to life. She is professional and dedicated to her job and making sure her customer is fully satisfied. We would highly recommend her.”

Fit Bodies. Fit Minds

Working with Erin was such an amazing experience! She was able to take our vision for a commercial and make it even better beyond what we could have imagined ourselves. She has created a video for Fit Bodies Fit Minds that we cannot stop watching. On top of her creative skills, she was amazing at understanding our business and putting together the best marketing plan for us. Thank you so much, Erin, for your amazing work! We are so grateful that we had the opportunity to work with you.

- Love the FBFM Family

The Ten Spot | Sault Ste. Marie

working with was erin wonderful experience! she is very creative and great at understanding our goal/business needs. the promo video turned out amazing and the entire experience was so much fun. looking for to working with her and stephen again on another project!

The Country Way

If there was an option for more stars I would definitely select all of them every time! Erin has the ability to offer her expertise in the most useful way customized to your specific needs. She has taken away so much social media stress and replaced it with peace of mind. Her services are top quality and worth every penny. I would highly recommend her services time and time again. She's amazing inside and out!

Selah Photography

Amazing amazing amazing. Shall I say more ? Maybe yes, Amazing! I’ve learnt so much with Erin and she is so kind, down to earth but straight to the point. If you are in the fence, JUMP IT and book with her. Whatever package you pick, you won’t regret.

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